The standard to which all Indian restaurants should aspire!

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Lasun is an ambitious, stylish modern restaurant serving sophisticated Indian cuisine accompanied by efficient service. It gives us the perfect opportunity to share our passion for good food and spices. Creativity is our key and we strive to offer a unique culinary experience. Our food style is a radical departure from the traditional Indian restaurant. Today, we at Lasun are determined to break the clichés that surround Indian cuisine of over spiced, over seasoned and over-oiled flavours. Our mission is to raise the bar higher and higher – treating you to a culinary experience which is fit for a Maharaja. Our kitchen is always excited to serve you traditional Indian classics as well as our new creative cuisine.

We want to be your choice for Indian food in South Shields, always.

 A Full Takeaway Service is available (10% discount) collection only - click picture to expand image

Customer Reviews 

Taken from the website: 

"Excellent food, Excellent service and Excellent value" --  Nigel M, South Shields

"Wouldn't go to another Indian Restaurant after visiting this one!" -- Marie T, South Shields

50 Dean Road, South Shields, Tyne and Wear | 0191 454 5111