Khas Tandoor – Tanoori Main

These dishes are individually marinated over night with greek yoghurt and a delicate blend of herbs and garam masala  spices. Then cooked in our charcoal clay ovens and served with crispy salad and freshly made sauces to accompany each dish.


Badshahe Mixed Grill - £11.95 A stunning variety of tandoor dishes served on a bed of sizzling onions and peppers.

Crushed Spiced Salmon - £9.95 Fresh fillet of Salmon with crushed whole spices and vegetables – one of our most creative dishes.

Maharaja King Prawns - £12.45 Super King prawns served on a bed of onion and peppers – a sizzling dish!

Murgh Tandoori - £7.50 Half a chicken on the bone served with stir fried onions and peppers on a sizzling dish.

Lamb Tikka - £9.50 Tender pieces of spiced lamb.

Duck Tikka - £9.50 Spiced Burberry duck breast.

Chicken Shaslik - £8.50 succulent pieces of of chicken with grilled tomatoes, onion and pepers.

Murgh Paneer Hamsath - £8.50 Cubed boneless chicken with home made cheese.

Rajastani Lamb Chops - £10.95 Tender lamb chops served on a sizzler.

Lahori Kebab Shaslik - £8.45  A special kebab  grilled in tandoor, cooked in a spice marinated onion and peppers served on a sizzler.

 Khas Khana– Main Course

Murghi – Poultry Dishes

Madhubala Murgh - £7.30 Breast fillet of marinated spring chicken, barbequed in the tandoor grill, then finished off in natural honey and a lightly spiced creamy sauce.

Lasun Murgh - £7.30 Tender chicken tikka pieces with plenty of roasted garlic, ginger and onion.

Anazee Duck - £8.50 Burberry duck breast with bamboo shoots, garlic and ginger. A medium to hot consistency of spices. This is a traditional recipe from Chittagong Hill Track, Bangladesh.

Hash Pista Shadi - £8.50 Roast supreme of duck cooked in deliciously mild spices with pistachio.

Murgh Kaju Badamwala - £7.30 Breast of chicken cooked in creamy sauce with freshly ground cashew and almond nuts.

Ammli Murgh Hassena - £7.30 Chicken tikka pieces cooked in mango creamy sauce with ground almond and pistachio. A mouth watering sensation.

Dhaba Wala - £8.30 Chicken or lamb cooked with fresh blended green chillies, roasted ground spices creating a delightful aromatic flavour. Garnished with fresh coriander.

Zalzala Murgh - £8.30 Chicken or lamb cooked in a spicy (Naga) sauce – very hot! A traditional Bengal curry.

Nibura Achari Murgh - £8.30 Chicken or lamb Tikka cooked with fresh roast spices and dried crushed chillies, tamarind juice and rice vinegar giving a lovely scented dish.

Podina Zal Chicken - £7.30 Marinated chicken tikka in a chilli, vinegar, mint and garlic sauce with home grown spices.

We only use breast of chicken, at no extra charge