Khas Khana

Traditional Main Courses

Traditional dishes can be based on a choice of chicken, lamb, beef or prawn

(Chicken Tikka £1.00 extra. Lamb £1.50 extra. King Prawn £2.50 extra).

                                        Mild Dishes

Chicken Tikka Masala - £7.20 Chicken tikka barbarqued in the tandoor, then cooked in fresh yoghurt, ground almond along with a mixture of mild spices giving a rich unique taste and flavour.

Murgh Tikka Mackhani - £7.20 Spring chicken marinated in herbs and spices then grilled in the tandoor and finally cooked in rich clarified butter, fresh cream and almonds.

Korma - £5.80 A very mild creamy dish created with fresh coconut, cream, ground almond and sultanas. A south Indian dish..

Malayan - £5.80 A very mild fuity based curry, using mild spices, cultured yoghurt and fresh cream.

Medium Dishes

Plain Curry - £5.30 An original medium spiced curry using garlic, ginger, spices and herbs of all seasons.

Jalfrezi - £6.50 Cooked in a special sauce with capcicum, onion and tomatoes. Medium to hot spiced served in a sizzling dish.

Jeera Murgh - £6.50 A bhuna style sauce with roast crushed cumin and fresh coriander giving a special aroma.

Rogan Josh - £5.80 A layer of freshly ground spices with onion, capcicum, garlic and ginger then topped with fresh home made tomato salsa garnished with fresh coriander.

Dansak - £5.80 A delicate base made with lentils, medium spiced with sweet and sour tamarind.

Karahi - £6.50 Cooked in whole crushed garam masala with a strong base and served in a very hot sizzling dish with coriander.

Bhuna - £5.80 Medium spiced with tomato, chopped onions, garlic, green peppers and coriander.

Dupiaza - £5.80 Cooked with the use of medium spices and mixed with chunky fried onions and tomatoes.

Pathia - £5.80 A combination of special blends of spices cooked together with tamarind and other sweet ingredients providing a sweet and sour taste.

Saag - £6.50 Garlic and ginger flavoured fresh spinach with herb and spices, garnished with ginger julienne.

Biryani - £7.95 A truly majestic dish with special tilda basmati rice, steam cooked together with clarified butter and delicate spices served with a vegetable curry to add additional taste to the dish.

Balti - £6.50 Marinated overnight then cooked in home style roast garam masala spices with chopped onion, garlic and ginger. Garnished with coriander. A very popular dish from the Punjab.


Hot Dishes

Madras - £5.30 Cooked in strong spices with garlic and ginger. A fairly hot south Indian dish.

Vindaloo - £5.30 Related to madras but involving a generous amount of garlic, tomato,  ginger and black pepper. It owes it’s name and in part of its contents to the early Portuguese settlers.

Garlic Chill - £6.50 Cooked in a fairly hot medium consistency sauce with a fresh blend of spices, pickled fresh green chillies and coriander.

Srilanka - £5.80 A hot spiced, tangy flavoured curry with fresh lemon juice and coconut milk giving a unique taste.

Rezala - £6.50 A special sauce made with grilled bell peppers, onion, roasted garam masala, yoghurt and butter reduced to a fine tangy consistency as well as a lovely aroma with fresh coriander.

Chilla Chicken Masala - £6.50 Chicken with masala herbs and spices, garnished with tomatoes and coriander, fresh green chillies and crushed red naga chillies to give a distinctive aroma and firey taste.

Please note: If you have a favourite dish which is not on our menu

Please ask and we may be able to create it for you. Thank you!